Why Muhuyi Magaji Is An Asset

During my keep going review on why the previous executive of Kano state public grumble and against debasement commission named “Why Muhuyi Magaji is a resource for Kano “all things considered, refering to his young extravagance which made the counter defilement body a discussion of the town,now just about multi month after his exit as the administrator of the Counter Defilement body ,Kano people are communicating their hesitations on the exit of the director.

As of late the online media was agog with acclaims on Muhuyi Magaji when fuel Shortage hit significant Nigerian urban communities ,they recollected the previous PCACC executive with nostalgia,this was because of his obstinacy in taking the battle to the entryways steps of hoarders of food products and their Kind.

Presently without Muhuyi Magaji on the saddle,inflation has been the way of life of organizations now in Kano,but during his stewardship Iam an observer with how Muhuyi stamped products being use by the rich and the poor in Kano state to guarantee that he authorized consistency in prices.Take for instance when some brutal advertisers chose to fourfold the cost of sugar and other fundamental items during the 2020 Covid lock down ,Lawyer Muhyi hit the ground running,when Kano was locked and it was the media where a great many people directed their concentration toward and everyday people in Kano can’t break their fasting with Sugar, Muhyi’s mediation leased the Kano Radio wireless transmissions and pages of papers on how he cut the counterfeit expansion of sugar ,from that point forward the cost of sugar in Kano stays static.

Its because of that that Kano individuals sense Muhyi’s stance and enthusiasm in battling treachery will bring Kano and its kin a genuine fortune with regards to 2023 general political race.

I investigated all the Gubernatorial up-and-comers in Kano,both from the PDP and the APC ,barely anybody coordinated with the accreditations of Muhyi Magaji Rimin Gado,I didn’t have to specify names,but the new fuel value disaster has shown how history has been to the previous PCACC executive.

Indeed, even from now history and time have as of now judge Muhuyi Magaji Rimin Gado and his doubters ,as we approach 2023 Kano individuals have a decision ,the decision among light and obscurity ,the decision between truth misrepresentation.

At the point when I bungle the little hiding spots of Kano city and looked how the banners of Counselor Muhyi Magaji’s Gubernatorial aspiration decorated the significant roads of the state,I say nationalists are as yet found in Nigeria,I say loyalists since who at any point has the country on a basic level and will convey Kano state from the grip of very nearly 8 years mis – administration, individuals like Muhuyi Magaji should be offered to the electorate,I refered to in my most recent article the number of Lead representatives that worked for the state did as such at their young ages like Muhyi Magaji, and the ideal opportunity is currently.

This is someone that headed a free government parastatal and furthermore guaranteed its autonomy by working deligently to follow through on its mandate,what of if that character is vested with a chief power and at his Energetic age ,the lost brilliance of Kano will be recaptured in the comity of Nigerian states,its income retained,the wonder of its past reestablished and financial backers will actually want to go to the state because of the counter debasement stance of its chief ,t Attorney Muhyi Magaji.

One more method of liking his purpose and exertion was during his chairmanship of PCACC,Kano come to be known in settling public grumble cases,many people who are obliged by people and organizations , Muhyi’s straightforward position made them grinned.

Various Non legislative associations who are quite keen on getting Nigeria free and clear troop to Lawyers office ,to get trained on the methodologies he utilized in extending the picture of the crowded territory of Nigeria that is Kano when he held influence as PCACC administrator.

The primary executive of the public whine commission and the late Danmasanin Kano ,Alhaji Yusuf Maitama Sule adulated Muhyi Magaji before the world audience,the late Nigerias best speaker offered the expression when the Nigeria postal assistance dispatched the counter defilement staff related to Muhuyi’s PCACC and the Nigeria police.

His adage was honored on Muhuyi,he says the delight of a withering dad is the gift of a commendable successor,and he admitted before the crowd at the crowning liturgy corridor that Muhyi has carried on from where they have begun in the 1970’s the point at which he Danmasani was named by Broad Murtala Muhammad as the pioneer director of public gripe commission.