Artificial intelligence is growing widely and developing to a large extent. In Africa, universities are creating and empowering in the educational sector. Ai should be highly recommended and introduced in all universities in Africa, the government should focus more on working for the development of Ai because it can render good services to teachers via search and can help concentrate more on educating students.

The migration of pre-colonial Africans depends on seasons for the purpose of fertile soil, the cause of this made education not to be fully organised in pre-colonial Africa. They were dependant on learning their own tribe, values, socialization and responsibilities.

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Since 1960s there have been different artificial technologies in sub-Saharan African. Artificial intelligence is growing widely and developing to a large extent. In Africa, universities are creating and empowering in the educational sector.

The reasons AI should be introduced more in Africa universities follow.

1.Enhance research in education; there is a need to grow talent. Application of Ai can help students understand more about technology. Its aim is to create real-world intelligent system s where leading scientist and engineers are practised and knowledge is carried out.

This process can help understand more about technology. School of chemistry deployed new Ai research initiative for Africa ( wits university Johannesburg, south Africa) in association with cirrus. Google also opened its first lab in Ghana

2. Improve Student Learning Ability: people learn and understand in different ways, some likely learn fast. The introduction of artificial intelligence in schools can help instructions focus more on understanding the weakness and strength of a student. The Watson tutor (IBM) this technology is a platform that involves machine learning with the use of natural language. A mode of learning through artificial intelligence in the educational sector

3. Acquiring all round skills: Ai can help students acquire new skills. Application of artificial intelligence can not only help student focus on just one still it also enable students to live their full potential through social entrepreneurship and digital innovation. Some students have good potential. All services can render technological skills in Africa universities. This is one inspiring way to create a better world for Africa.

4. Make Teaching Fun: this can motivate the ability to learn fast and manage mental wellbeing. For example, with the use of Chatbot to perform task. Chatbot is an easy way of learning that interacts with students. Students are now offered a quick way it gets valuable information’s. This has made learning fun and less stressful

5. Enhance Students Experience: Ai increases learning opportunity. The Stanford University report explains how Ai will help in the educational sector a few years from now by using data analytics to address issues facing universities, figuring out students who are at risk of failure or dropping out. It also stated that ai is promising to improve education in all level

6. Prepare Instructors For A Higher Educational Teaching : Ai tool that can assist instructors to teach students. Ai has introduced many interesting way of education all around the globe.

This is just its beginning of innovation. The aim is not to take over humans, but rather to assist and make the world a better place. Subjectively, I’d plead to the administrators around African to enhance the use of Ai in all universities in Africa

Lastly, students should learn more about algorithms and the use of Ai in decision making. Doing this will not only benefit a student but will also assist Africa to become a better place if Ai is fully deployed in the educational sector

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