Its without a doubt that almost everybody uses smart phones and different app are downloaded on daily bases either for health wise, games, driving application and so on People lunch app every day, but the sad news is some of these apps are either uninstalled or abandoned the reason is that they become irrelevant.

It’s a good thing to create an app but it’s not enough thousands of app in the market and it increases per month so you can see why the app store is a big market for both competitors and users of IOS People like new trends.

7 tip on marketing mobile application to increase your downloads

For marketers, the best way to market your mobile and make it go viral is to go true app store. After creating a good application how do u make it the talk of the day?.

  •  In this article, I have put together some information you can learn from and use.Pre-launching marketing strategy: it is good to start marketing your application long before your lunch. The power to app marketing is to communicate, know your competitors and users. Knowing the app that is available can also help you restructure yourself over there weakness, current keyword and how it works for them.
  • App store optimization,: (ASO) you can increase the traffic of your app store optimization and make it visible on Google play store, apple app store and so on. The higher it ranks the more visible it is to the audience. The powerful resources that can influence this method are mechanic of ASA include (keyword in title) when there’s a keyword in the title and its easier mutter, it means you can always optimize them.
  • Social media use social media to generate buzz. There are lots of influential and powerful social media channels like facebook, tweeter, Instagram and so on that can promote your content. Facebook not only uses content and SEO it can also help as feedback form users. Post what your audience can relate to.
  • Blogging: blogging can help you get attention. by posting on a blog that relates to your target audience will draw their attention to your content and don’t forget your goal is to aim blogs whose audience would be most likely to download your app, like technology blogs. the goal of the marketing app is content.
  • Content marketing strategy: staying on track with your marketing strategy also means having the ideal of what kind of audience are you targeting, the quality of the content you have, what benefit will it give them and how will it profit your business. This mission statement is the shield of you and your customers
  • Create a buzz after launching your app: make your app trend by creating buzz, the buzz can help with campaigns and help put the app on track. Try to increase the numbers of download after launching it
  • Feedback: to crown it all, audience feedback about your app is also very important. Always monitor customer’s feedback so you can know their views this process can help you identify errors and make corrections. Keep the audience updated so they know you are not leaving them behind and respond to their complains.

Conclusion: In order to get the best, offer the best. In a simple term, it means to concentrate on creating good content. No matter how you market your app if it’s not what people want they won’t be interested. Mobile app has become part of our day to day lives. Giving shade to an app can gain users’ attention and make people look for it again and again.

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