Beginners Guide For Marketing

This guideline is mainly for the first time marketers, developing and having a proper understanding of how your trade can work out for you can be somewhat difficult, it takes dedication and honing your skills. But you simply don’t have anything to worry about with this guideline you will learn how to succeed.

 People go into marketing without having ideals on how to develop the brand. Before you go into any king of marketing, it is significant to first identify the audience you are trying to reach, what they need, and also how you can meet up with their demand. In the marketing field, customers need to believe in the service you are offering and why your business is better than your competitor’s.

Your product needs to be what the audience really needs. another consideration is price, we all know the main reason for marketing is to make a profit, so for this, the price needs to be set in a level the market will support. Like for instance how much a particular product will cost in regards to your competitors.

Good research needs to be carried to determine a fair price for a product, how It’s to be produced, how much people are ready to spend on that product. The accurate calculation needs to check. How much profit can I make with this product per year?

Should a brand be put on sale?

What time a particular product be open to consumers?

If a brand is out and no one cares?

Does it even exist? And the answer to some of these is question promotion.

When a new brand is out, it needs to be promoted, this is the only way people can have awareness of the brand. People like quality things for an affordable rate. To crown, it all makes it available in the right place in order for people to be able to get it.


In starting a digital marketing career you need hard work. Rome was not built in a day, success does not come easily, just as they say consistency and hard work is what you need to make your business grow. It’s never easy until it’s done.

1. Set your goal: without a goal your effort might be wasted, let your goal be something that can keep you motivated. Some above and beyond what you think you can achieve

2. Stay positive about everything: The optimistic mindset will help guard you forward. The achievement of a business is having a fresh strategy. What you really need is perseverance, productivity, and the right plan to get a result.

3. Teamwork: marketing cannot be carried out by a single person. If you want your vision to come to life more than one person has to be involved.

4. Be ready to learn new things: this is one way you get great ideals. Always look for opportunities on how you can acquire knowledge. Attend seminars, read courses online. The more you learn the greater you are earning potential.

5. Register your business: search for available names and register your business before you proceed into the digital market

Create a website: this is very important and it’s not what you should be told.  It’s an aspect of digital marketing and it reflects your business brand.

 Beginners Guide For Marketing


1. Google trend.  It’s the best for SEO, it provides keyword strategy and research.  It helps send customers to your website, logs, etc

Canva: you can use this to get the exact image you have in mind or desire,  Either by choosing a designed or customize brand.  You can also use Canva for the logo. it’s easy for use and has free templates.

Google Analytics: this tool is good for a website, it can give notification on who’s visiting your website.

Buffer: it is a free social media tool, helps manage the account and can keep more than 5 post


Digital marketing is something if you invest in it or start it up is something you gain back in no time. So many people are million today because of digital marketing. Start it up today.