As a marketer or a business person you should know how crucial SEO is for your business, and if you are not applying these tactics to the growth of your business, then just know you are missing out for the big benefits that come with SEO.  SEO plays an important role in helping your business to grow and to make your brand make massive traffic.

 The Importance of search engine optimization to the website can help in high rank when customers search a specific word and phase.  If your website is not involving in search engine optimization means you often lose money and traffic every day.  The ranking sites you see today do not just happen in a day, it happened with SEO through the use of quantity content and using a very effective keyword. 

The application of seo on brands and businesses is crucial in the digital market,  without the help of search engine optimization your business will loose a lot of money and may not grow.

In the digital world, those that are familiar with online marketing are aware and knows how important seo is. 

How exactly can seo help your website?  And what are the benefit it can render to your business?  In this post I will write our the benefit it can give to your site so you will fully understand the application of search engine optimization.

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1. Brings more customers: you may be wondering how this can happen? Let me ask you a question, why do you have a website in the first place?  And I think the answer is; because you want to make more customers, and I can tell you that search engine optimization is very effective in bringing traffic to your site and more customers to your business. 

It is the highest method you can use to bring traffic to your site is through because on a daily basic million of people all over the world go to Google to search for content basic on their need. So if you have good content you will rank very high it will drag more customers to your site.

2. Pass information quickly; Ranking with SEO comes with trust-building this means that you can’t a good ranking in Google if your content doesn’t carry mean and don’t touch the lives of people daily. This meaning for you to get high ranking in Google you need to pass the information quickly and this information need to meet the user need. Google-like content that touches the lives of people and that pass information that meets the need of people everyone. So when you are passing information make sure it has a good intro and should meet the need of the user.

 3. Choosing the Right Keyword: Google is a mathematical algorithm, it helps calculates and give rank to a website, which means you can cheat your way to the top of Google ranking even if you do so Google will find out. Choosing the right keyword for your content is one the best way to get a good ranking from Google.

For post or content you right on your site, you need to find the right keyword for it. Beginner into SEO always finds keyword as a very difficult part of Google because they don’t know the keyword that will match the content they just wrote. It is advisable to used Google keyword planner to check the keyword you should rank for or look for other keyword checker site to know what to rank for.

4. Improves brand recognition: in other for this to happen, valuable and desirable content needs to be uploaded.  Your brand will always reflect on the Google user’s experience.  Once your brand is optimized Google can identify it.  Give your users what they want and you can be there preferred brand.

5. Crawl website: Google crawl help to check your website for new content when you write and upload it. This meaning for your website to crawl by Google you need to have a Google site map for better crawling. You to index your site with Google. Crawl help site to rank high on Google. Crawl also help Google to check and know the type of Content that should be index or not. For a better Google ranking, you need Google crawl.

6.  Gives a better impression; do you ponder on the first thing people see when they search for you? I believe we all understand when they say “the first impression matters a lot,  about 89% of users read businesses response to reviews and about 98% read responses to there reviews.  So you see,  people believe in online recommendations.  The benefit of SEO is to hive a positive impression to your potential customers via search

7. Helps stay ahead of your competitors : what if people that search for you are driven by competitors?   You can use SEO to analyse your competitors.  Seo can help you understand the strength and weakness of your competitors. 

8. Optimal users experience : search engine connects you with users who are searching for what’d related to your product or content especially if the site carries relevant information.  In order to be on a point you have to tender users experience

9. Increase in sales: getting more traffic can increase visitors, SEO is effective in doing this.  no matter how your website rank keyword you still need an increase in your sales.

10. SEO increase business value: once your website ranks higher, your business becomes valuable and the audience / buyers.  believe so much in the rank of search engine .

11. SEO is mobile: internet usage grows everyday, about 2billion people currently access the internet via smartphones.  Allowing your site to be mobile friendly can Cause seo to favour the site

Conclusion: it is clear that SEO is the best marketing strategy you need for your website to grow and rank in Google.  It provides a good platform to reach out to the audience with or without their consent.  With the help of SEO, your business cannot be hidden.  If there is any information you would like to share on our page, please don’t hesitate to do so.  Thanks in anticipation.

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