Boost SEO on WordPress

Boost SEO on WordPress in today generation there is nothing you can do without having a good search engine ranking. For you to have good and organic traffic they need to come from SEO in this article I am going to talk on how to boost SEO On WordPress website so that you can start having good result from Google.

Boost SEO on WordPress

This article is going to cover everything on how to boost your word press site. The step you need to boost to its how to do to it. Believe me, after you have finished reading this article now know how to boost SEO on wordpress.  


Google is an expert in releasing the most crucial information about its algorithms. The posts will focus on other search engines also such as yahoo or Bing.

Creating a Boost SEO on WordPress , you have already taken a valuable step and since the platform is SEO optimized for search engines you don’t need to worry about anything; even if you are a newbie.

Beginner-friendly ways that help you push your website towards the top of the rankings.

Optimized theme for search engines

The theme of your website can affect your site’s speed- a cleaner code gives your site a better chance in the search engine results page. The selection of a theme of WordPress is a major task and rules out to be the most important choice that will make your WordPress website.

 Find a theme that is specifically designed to improve your SEO boost on wordpress, it might include some of the new heading tag options and much more. The plugins focus on small, focused features such as creating a sitemap for the website. You can also go for a descriptive SEO plugin such as Yoast SEO – it provides you with a whole package of optimization features to your website.

Choosing your hosting provider carefully

The downtime and the physical distance between your server and visitors are both the ranking factors of a website. Google takes speed into consideration while ranking sites and your host affects the timeline. Google enables HTTPS websites a small boost for the ranking. A good host can help you accelerate your ranks of the SERP’s.

Use heading tags throughout your content

Heading structure is important for accessibility as well, especially for people who can’t easily read from a screen. Using heading tags gives a structure to your content and gives a visual aid or benefit to the users. Because headings are in HTML can help you to differentiate between section heading within the pages and posts Crawlers, on the other hand, pay attention and differentiate them with headings that enable them to understand your content easily. To make sense of your separate content on your website, you need to use heading tags.

So, from now on don’t forget to use WordPress’ heading options.

Transform your “Permalinks”

Permalinks are used for reference and link back to the site and their appearance is important. WordPress offers you the number of automatic permalink options that are based on numbers; post name structures are the best as it communicates on the linked content. Clear, descriptive links that express the content are simple for search engines to make an impact and inclines to get a ranking boost SEO on WordPress.

You can easily change the permalink structure by visiting your site’s backend, opening settings> permalink and then it’s all done.

Focus on targeted keywords

Choosing a keyword for each post or page in your content and using it in various places.

Usage of target words is a common method to communicate your topic to search engine crawlers and increase the chance of highlighting your content in relevant searches. It is recommended not to stuff your keywords excessively as it feels to be unnatural and spammy.

Sitemap creation!

A sitemap is a valuable SEO tool as it enables crawlers to see all content and the relationship between them.  The process of indexing the site becomes easy with this.

They are used to navigate websites and acts as a mode of communications that transfer information to search engine bots (also called crawlers).

You can add a sitemap to your website by using a targeted plugin.

Ways Boost SEO on your WordPress website
Ways Boost SEO on your WordPress website

Incorporate useful internal and external links

 As the usage of too many keywords is not an option, so is the usage of too many links. Crawlers understand the usage of links throughout your links and can relate to similar content. Use both internal and external links to achieve a better boost in SEO results WordPress. If you will fill your content with too many links that will lead you to irrelevant pages or promotion pages for any products, then the search engine rankings will definitely suffer from negative aspects.

Optimize the images

The quality and size of the image can affect your website’s loading speed. So, optimize your images before editing them to your website. They help in breaking up text and making it more readable for users. Boost SEO on WordPress have an impact depending on the content and the images. Images provide a visual aid and content to the users.  Crawlers find the information that is related and attached to the image.

Two steps you can do for a faster loading speed are:

Optimize your image and other media

Give descriptive file name for your media

Responsive design/layout of the WordPress website

It is very necessary for your website’s performance to be good on any kind of device. Nowadays, more people are using mobile devices to access the internet. so, it is a responsibility for your website to work seamlessly on every platform.

Google’s ranking factor is dependent on responsive design. Check out all the features of each theme and other SEO features as well.

Long-format content

Long-formatted content keeps user engagement and result in increased credibility. Try to make your content in-depth as possible. Another specific reason, crawlers can communicate via more keywords in your comprehensive content. Google’s algorithms pay specific attention to the length of the content. Try the skyscraper technique for improving the existing technique by transforming the content into comprehensive and clear.

Focus on quality content

Other than long-format content, the quality in the content also matters a lot. The other ranking factor may be affected over time but the base always remains the same. If you wish that your Boost SEO on WordPress efforts should not go in vain then focus on the quality of content. Try to figure out what your viewers want and try to deliver the content related to that.

Use a caching plugin to speed up your blog!

A caching plug-in is a must for every WordPress website. The two main benefits of a caching plugin:

reduce the loading time on your web server

they make your website faster

Most of the caching plugins cache dynamic and static content that decreases the page loading times.

One of such plugins is the W3 total cache- it is a feature-rich with page caching, browser caching, object caching, database caching and minification options.  The major goal is to improve the user experience. If your website is faster then it’ll be good from the SERP’s viewpoint.


Boost SEO on WordPress has a number of strategies and techniques. Take some time and re-evaluate your WordPress site after implementing a few of these techniques. you will see the results of a significant rise in the organic traffic level of your site

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