Chike Obi was a Nigerian legislator, mathematician, and educator.

He was the primary Nigerian to hold a doctorate in arithmetic. Dr. Obi’s initial examination managed the subject of the presence of occasional arrangements of non-straight common differential conditions. He effectively utilized the irritation strategy, and a few of his distributions extraordinarily assisted with animating exploration interest in this subject all through the world and have become works of art in the writing.

Obi is the writer of a few books and diaries on math and Nigerian governmental issues.

Obi was taught in different pieces of Nigeria prior to perusing arithmetic as an outer understudy of the College of London.

Following his first degree, he won a grant to do investigate learn at Pembroke School, Cambridge, trailed by doctoral examinations at the Massachusetts Organization of Cambridge, Massachusetts, US, becoming in 1950, the principal Nigerian to get a Ph.D. in arithmetic.

Obi got back to address at the head Nigerian College of Ibadan. He was before long redirected from this by political exercises. After the conflict, he got back to address in 1970 at the College of Lagos where he immediately rose to the senior scholastic job of a professor.He passed on Lagos to get back to his root in the city of Onitsha, setting up the Nanna Establishment for Logical Examinations.

Obi had won the Sigvard Eklund Prize for unique work in differential conditions from the Global Community for Hypothetical Material science. He was a college educator until his retirement as an Emeritus Teacher in 1985.

In 1997, he turned into the third individual to settle Fermat’s Last Hypothesis after Andrew Wiles and Richard Taylor in 1994. He likewise tracked down a rudimentary evidence of Fermat’s Last Hypothesis. This work was completed at his Nanna Establishment for Logical Investigations in Onitsha, Eastern Nigeria and distributed in Algebras, Gatherings, and Calculations. In any case, a survey of this confirmation distributed in Numerical Audits demonstrates that it was bogus verification.

In Ibadan, Obi started to give addresses about his political way of thinking, Kemalism, and how best he felt the nation ought to be overseen. He helped structure the Powerful Party of Nigeria, of which he filled in as its first secretary-general. Through the party, he remained in as a competitor in a parliamentary political race in Ibadan in 1951 however lost.

The party later went into collusions with the bigger Public Chamber of Nigerian and Cameroon and furthermore the Activity Gathering. Obi was chosen as a feature of the Nigerian assignment that arranged the country’s way to self-rule at two London gatherings in 1957 and 1958.

After Nigeria’s autonomy from England in 1960, Obi was chosen an official in the Eastern Place of Get together 1960, he wouldn’t clear his seat in the public council in Lagos, the Speaker of the local house requested that Obi be genuinely eliminated by security specialists. This request was complied and Obi chose to concede to territorial issues.

In 1962, Obi was captured and accused of conspiracy in a shut preliminary coordinated by the then public non military personnel government, who charged him and others, including the fundamental resistance pioneer at that point, Obafemi Awolowo, of plotting to oust the public authority. He was subsequently delivered for “need of proof.”

At the point when the Nigerian Common Conflict broke out in 1967, Obi agreed with Biafra, working for Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. For a concise period during the 1970s when he served in the Public Income Preparation Commission.

Obi mocked religion and ethnic radicalism, and the way of life of defilement overrunning the Nigerian political class. He was a public paper writer during the 1980s, composing under the title, “I represent Individuals.”

A meeting educator to the College of Rhode Island, USA, the College of Jos, Nigeria, and the Chinese Institute of Science, Obi was a beneficiary of the public honor of Leader of the Request for the Niger (CON) and an Individual of the Nigerian Foundation of Science.

At the point when Obi kicked the bucket in 2008 he was made due by his significant other until 2010. Obi’s significant other Belinda kicked the bucket in mid 2010 a medical caretaker and they are made due by their four youngsters.