Five Challenger Brands

If we go by the trends, we are likely to come across numerous successful companies (Challenger Brands) working as an established name in the industry, while some new players.

The working style of traditional industries has inspired generations. Companies that become a barrier in the way of conventional industries hold a lot more things in common. These are known as Challenger Brands. On the other hand, they hold a new territory of their own, which is worth acknowledging.

Five Challenger Brands
Five Challenger Brands

Here, in this discussion, we will look at the top Challenger brands you can keep an eye on in 2020. Let’s look at these Challenger brands and how they are revolutionizing the facets of their respective industries

Here are the Five Challenger Brands

  • PowerShop – Challenger Brands

Due to constant fluctuations in the energy market and climate change and sustainability becoming a critical issue for people across the globe, large-scale traditional energy suppliers are facing the most significant challenges in their way. A majority of small size energy firms offer more independent and eco-friendly approaches, which are slowly gaining support globally.

PowerShop is a perfect example of an independent power supplier based in Australia. The company is also known as Australia’s greenest power company for the third time in the polls. The company provides a carbon-neutral power supply to its customers.

These Challenger brands have established their name in the industry and are continuously growing as an entity. Hopefully, they have a long way to go!

  • Well-being Brewing – Challenger Brands

The company is an excellent example of how it is always possible to find a midway. It produces non-alcoholic beer Brewery, which is widely received and loved by consumers. It is natural and alcohol-free ingredients that put it to a higher reputation as the only good beer in the whole world.

The company witnessed a significant increase in sales last year, which is the big thing for the Challenger brand belonging to the beer industry. The company is a one-stop source for healthy options when it comes to beer.

  • Quip – Challenger Brands

The company is none other than the one whose product is also known *The tesla of toothbrushes*. The company is focused on providing a simple and slip design to its electric toothbrushes with a decent subscription model to associate with other oral care products.

The company is gaining consistency in the industry and is successfully running into the figures of the topmost acknowledged companies and review sites. The company aims at challenging the challenges of providing elegant, simple, and effective ways to pursue regular oral health care.

  • TomboyX – Challenger Brands

The company uses a Direct customer model and is continuously getting significant figures in the lingerie market. It specializes in producing and distributing underwear products, specially designed for non-binary people. The company has a particular focus on strengthening gender-neutral underwear and providing them at reasonable prices.

The response to the brand is not less than of a bestseller, while its customer-centric approach is helping the company in gaining increased customer loyalty.

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