Africa as a continent is bountifully blessed when it comes to natural endowments, but putting it to effective use is something that is sometimes not effective or carried out easily. Africa has huge potential that can boost the solar energy business in Africa. This article will reveal some of the ways that will prove the potential in Africa.

Electricity supply is not in a cool state in Africa. Over a million of occupants in Africans now have access to mobile phones and other gadgets, but electricity to charge those gadgets is low supply.

Almost all the 48 countries of Sub-Saharan Africa that have over 700 million occupants put together generate approximately the same amount of electrical power as a single country in Europe. Africa as a continent has debatably the worst electric power facility on earth with the most laughable result in power generation, consumption and even in supply.

Five reasons why Africa should look into solar energy for the best industrial markets.

In most African countries, a lesser number of 20 per cent and below of the entire population have access to the usage of electricity. This condition is even worse in rural regions. To eradicate darkness, most Africans resort to the use of candles, kerosene lamps, charcoal iron and so many funny stuff that are not very conducive.

It is definitely vital that entrepreneurs and business owners understand the factors that are criteria propellers to the demand for solar products and services in Africa. This will go a long way to help in the application of durable creativity and right judgment to any business ideas that come to the heart after the perusal of this content.

There are a lot of reasons why Africa need solar energy in the Industrial Market. Here five notable reasons.

1. It costs less.

Africa as a blessed nation will spend a lot when it comes to giving electrical power to all of its countries and locations. A lot of villages in Africa are located in a remote region and are broadly spread apart that it might take several years and over a lot of money of investment to take electricity to all nook and cranny of the continent. Several towns and villages that in the past were not seen as a priority by the African governments now have an increasing demand for electricity. The transition of phones, which have been spread abroad rapidly in Africa, have altered the need for electricity in Africa.

The great vast change in the use of mobile phone has put millions of poor Africans to demand electricity in an increasing manner. So many people now depend on their mobile phones as a means of communication and expansion of their ideas, ranging from contacting families, getting an update with regard to general news and information about the cost of some products and make/receive money electronically.

Africa is blessed, but at the moment, it does not have the quality investment and political involvements that are required to connect every nooks and cranny of the continent to the power grid.

A very large number of the African countries sits on the earth’s equator, the radiation of the sun hits several parts of the continent which include even the badly remote area – mountains, the core villages, anytime, anyplace and every day. This natural energy from the sun already visits the parts of the continent that currently do not have access to power grids and infrastructural facilities even after a lot of notable years down. In order to save money and time that will rather be used for commercial and economic development, Solar energy will serve as a clear, dependable and the fastest medium to connect all the African community to a better electric power.

2. Production facilities.

Over the years, it has been discovered that Africa is rich in several ways, those ways are more than just mere ways. Africa is definitely blessed with golds, coals and so many mineral resources. But it has always been a thing of sadness that these natural resources are been exported to some western countries for them to be refined and be put to use.

Solar energy will definitely be the best idea to generate an electrical current that will aid in building more production and manufacturing centres so that Africa can mine its natural products, refine and export them as a finished commodity. It might take a little time to put all of it in place, but it’s going to be worth it with the help of the Solar energy.

3. Drop in the price Solar panels.

We’ve heard a lot of the nice things that have been said about solar power, how it has not spread rapidly as expected due to the range of its cost. The high value in the cost of the solar equipment has clearly been a notable barrier that has made it difficult to stand in opposition against other forms of power supply.

It’s been known over time that Investing in solar energy may have a lot of good sides, but these sides might not be affordable to most African families and communities. However, all of these impediments are effortlessly changing.

Recently, progress has been made in solar technology, this progress has made it become cheaper, reliable and more efficient. Regarding this result, solar power equipment prices have been on the decreasing side, and are now easy to get by anyone. This decrease in the price of equipment will aid a lot in industrial markets of African.

4. Employment and Enhancement in Industrial markets.

Installation service is a very vital area that solar energy plays a good role. The solar panels need technically oriented fellows who do the actual work of fixing the solar panels as it should be to rooftops and making sure that the entire system is up the entire system is well defined.

Considering this, applying this skill in Africa’s industrial markets can help generate employment and standard industrial power. It will give rise to the need of building more industries for production and training of people with regard to solar panels, and the same time adding fund to the community.

5. International Relationship.

First world countries are always on the lookout to build an innovative relationship with entities that sees the need for upgrade and right application of innovative ideas. If African countries invest more on Solar Panels, plausibly, it will help its government and economic sectors gain trust in the International markets and communities. It might not start off just so quick, but the evidence is very clear.

Solar energy is promising and will provide a great deal of business opportunities in Africa if it is looked into. It is simply a decision and a choice for the African community to make.

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