Google CEO Sundar Pichai is doing in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Among, Google Search and Maps will show if a place or business is temporarily closed. Google’s admonition a week ago to local businesses to update hours and other relevant information in Google My Business.

we’ll make it possible for businesses to easily mark themselves as ‘temporarily closed’ using Google My Business,” Pichai wrote. He also said that the company is using its AI assistant Duplex to contact businesses “to confirm their updated business hours

BrandMuscle in 2016, found that 56% of local businesses had not claimed their GMB listings. The same study in 2019 found that that number was down to roughly 40%. In other words, roughly 60% in the U.S. has now claimed them.

How about takeout and delivery. But it will still be very challenging for Google to do this for the majority of businesses listed. Duplex may be helpful in the effort to update store hours information.  Perhaps even more important than hours — in the case of restaurants — is whether they offer takeout/delivery.

Google local businesses ‘temporarily closed’ in Search, Maps amid coronavirus outbreak

In California, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts and Washington, for example, restaurants and bars are being closed (to varying degrees) to prevent the spread of the virus. However, New York is still allowing takeout and delivery. California has comparable rules though some restaurants will still be open. And other cities are imposing similar restrictions.

Why we care. The internet is now the primary source for information about local communities, as well as national news. Local data accuracy, including store/business hours, becomes critical at a time like this. And with panic buying going on in some grocery stores, knowing which restaurants are open and deliver food is no longer just a “first world problem.”

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