How To Do Digital Marketing

marketing is the process of creating awareness of products and services, using digital technologies, these systems are based on the internet. However, it has to do with advertising and promotion in the digital world. Delivery through the digital world with the use of social media, websites, mobile apps, and search engines. In this article, I will be giving you a brief history of digital marketing in order to understand how it came into existence.

History of Digital Marketing

The history of digital marketing Can be trace back to when Guglielmo Marconi increased businesses through the use of technology by inventing a radio transmission and telegraph system, But digital marketing development was launched in 1971 when Ray Tomlinson used his technology to send its first email to himself because nobody was on email that made it possible for people to send and receive messages with various machines.

digital marketing

It was recognized in 1990 when the Archie search engine was created and later in 1994, the yahoo search machine was also introduced and a lot of people had the opportunity to search the web for solutions and information. Several search engines and tools came into existence like Alexa, look smart, Hotbot and having ideas on how to make it more easier and reliable.

 The process of increasing the quality and quantity of a website was also actualized about that same period(SEO) search engine optimizing help in target kinds of searches, including image search, video search, academic search Google. As time progresses cookie technology came to invoke and was invented in 1994 NY a 24years old programmer named Lou Montuli its a piece of data sent from a website and stored on a user computer.

 In 1998 Google was invented which is now known as the most popular search engine in the world. Other search engines came in around 2000 but later failed, like the dot-com bubble burst, despite this marketing kept developing, the internet continues to progress.

It is very easy these days to use the search engine to get information And wait for the response and any word you input on the search space will come out with the solution you actually need. Other search engines that have been introduced by various inventors include YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

digital marketing

Advantages of digital marketing

Multi-communication /tasking: A user can communicate with more than one consumer at a time, and these consumers can decide to buy at the same time, making the business more easy and simple for the user. Multi-tasking can make the product to be exposed to millions of people through magazines, radio social media and so on

Social media: The media allow you to receive feedback from the consumer, both negative and positive reply depending on the media that works well for you. Like for instance, the use of business WhatsApp. A user can easily get a response about there product and also program auto-reply messages for a consumer.

Via mobile phones and smartphones: mobile phones get your customers as possible, by sending text messages, MMS, emails or using the mobile application to advertise your product. Smartphone usage is growing very fast.

Digital marketing can earn you money: This platform can help make a lot of money through the use of graphic design, content writing and putting a product online to enable people to purchase them.

Disadvantages of digital marketing

It is important to learn the obstacles that are involved in digital marketing in order to know the challenges

Competitive brand: lots of company’s and businesses are in for marketing their product through a digital form,  some have good qualities than others. The consumer would prefer to go for the best product. For this reason, companies need to be a step ahead of their competitors.

Fraudulent: Being a digital form especially with  social media, many fraudsters use this means to advertise product even when they are not into the business

Promotion strategy can be copied: This is the promotion of services through a media. Because copying of an image is not difficult hackers can collect valuables marketing strategy. piracy can be seen through this mean by copying other company’s strategy and using them. Steal other brand’s information in other to promote their business.

Cash on delivery: This is another disadvantage of digital marketing because it doesn’t guarantee the consumer reliance as it may be risky in the process of delivery.

Conclusion :

Digital marketing is entirely not the only means of creating awareness about what you can offer to the public. It’s where I believe that your company can be well known. People can no longer stay a day without involving themselves in social media communication to know what’s trending and available and am equally guilty of this, that is why companies and businesses need to step up there game in order to promote and make it known to the public what they can offer.