Micro-influencers are known as individuals who by the favour of time and effort, have been able to have some followers or reliable audience between 1,000 to 1,000,000 in number, and these micro-influencers are regarded as experienced experts in their respective field of business or creativity.

These influencers could be in the form of health blogger, tourists, mini fashionista, gym instructors or human right activist- the list goes on. These micro-influencers who are focused on a particular niche or an area of expertise tends to connect on a very intense level which generates a deeper level of connection and engagement between them and their followers.

Micro-influencing in the marketing system is thriving towards excellence and beginning to gain great respect with more trust than most celebrity influencers. The transition of micro-influencers into the limelight is because humans are generally prone to trust the idea and suggestions of people they know and look up to, people they can easily relate to, those they have a positive feeling will give them a guaranteed opinion, not because they were paid, but because their reputation is involved.

As a matter of fact, influencers with 1,000 audiences have been proven to have generated about 85% higher engagement when it comes to marketing and publicity than influencers who have 100,000 followers. Factually, when the number of followers and audiences increases, then the engagement tends to be on the decreasing side. Being consistent with 1,000 to 100,000 followers turns an influencer into a cat’s whiskers. The idea is that; the smaller audience means an influencer can freely have a personal interaction with the followers and this is an admirable marketing scheme.

Pros of working with Micro-influencers

1. Lofty rate of Engagement.

As initially affirmed, engaging users and customers using micro-influencers is a great advantage that comes with working with them. Unlike most known celebrity influencer, micro-influencers have the capability to interact with their followers more frequently through social media likes and follows, replying direct messages, and answering their questions.

An advanced level of interaction amongst the influencer and the follower increases the quality of connection that will be established between them. It is also evident that micro-influencers have the willingness to relate with audiences more than the celebrity influencers.

The micro-influencer is more likely to talk their followers through common confusion when it concerns how a product shop be used and how it works. Followers gain a feeling of camaraderie with the micro-influencers, audiences might not get many benefits from celebrity influencer, even when they are highly paid.

The reason why you are liable to get higher engagement rates when using these micro-influencers simply means that they don’t just post your products, but they actively create the impression that solicits for your brand. The help of micro-influencers is not limited exposing your product or brand, but it also has the ability that can greatly help you not only get customers eyes on your business but can help to make you get enough sales for your product.

2. Using micro-influencers is affordable.

When working on projects, working with a celebrity influencer or celebrity endorser can cost a ton of hundreds of thousands, this payment is simply to make a post without replying comments. It can only be advisable to use celebrity influencers when you are a known and huge brand, this might not be to actually make sales, but to bring new agenda to the notice of the public. A micro-influencer is much more affordable when it comes to marketing a brand.

When you are cumbered with loads of projects, it is advisable to have more budget working with diverse micro-influencers, the idea of working with more than one micro influence is to give you a lift and place your brand in different areas and niches.

3. Specialized marketing system

Micro-influencers unlike most major celebrity influencers, you are often given the liberty to choose from varieties of niches in the niche markets. Micro-influencers come in all forms and categories. Every micro-influencer have a specific area of qualifications, style, brand, and charisma to a particular kind of followers. Before using micro-influencers, always consider the kind of audience they can generate, and this niche should align with the content you are creating for your brand.


Outrightly, micro-influencers have a community surrounding them that agrees well with their area of interest. The best way to be very successful when working with micro-influencer marketing is dependent on you finding an influencer who is an expert in your specific target audience. Else, you will end up wasting funds on audiences that might never buy from you.

Finding reliable micro-influencers

To get better micro-influencers, it is ideal to start with research, the research concept will guide you in order to gain a full understanding of the kind of audience you are targeting, and you’ll also gain knowledge on how their research and buying schemes works, their population inclusive.

The main aim of your research is simply to ensure that the micro-influencer you choose to work with has the desired audience for you; this includes right members of your target audience. So, it is vital that you also gain enough insight while following the influencer. You should equally know the age, skill, hobby and occupation of the influencer if it truly aligns with your target.

The moment you find possible influencers, make sure they create content with high quality. You should also be sure that the influencer you are working with is not just products only. The fascinating quality of an influencer is when he can create stories that will serve as pavement for the product.


Approaches in the marketing system are not as effective as they used to be in time past. Consumers and product users have become shrewd. Virtually all user create time for their own research and findings. Convincing and attracting customers requires dexterity and clever copy than the usual ones. The cleverness of customers has driven deep the pursuit of credibility, trust, and personal engagement by Micro-influencers with their followers.

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