Programmatic Advertising

Creating balance in marketing is a criterion that everyone holds to very high esteem. Marketing has practically evolved from what it used to be, into a great path of life. In today’s world, people no longer sell products only, but we can attest that talents, abilities, and ideas have become great niches in the marketing system. Marketing is a great skill that needs a more visible tool to bring it to the spotlight. Advertisement is not just a part of the marketing system, but it is a core aspect of the market settings. Advertising in the market as a phenomenon has patterns and schemes, and we’ll be looking at Programmatic Advertising.

Programmatic Advertising
Programmatic Advertising

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising deals with an automated pattern of buying and selling online advertising. The automated pattern of programmatic advertising helps to boost the transaction process. It makes the process effective and efficient, and also helps to consolidate digital advertising exertion in one platform. It is simply the idea of using diverse platforms to sell inventory and make adverts in an automated site.

The growth programmatic platforms have been growing profoundly; its approach towards creating a database that can easily be accessed via any available digital means, this means includes, desktop, mobile phones, tablets, audio, and even Televisions.

In programmatic advertising, the audience is segmented based on demands. Audiences are targeted and the advertiser has the tendency to pay for adverts directed to a particular group of people that are in the right position to be reached. The idea of this segmentation helps to remove the idea of sending adverts to people who are not in need of it. It helps to get information to the right people at the right time.

How it works.

In your journey through the path of marketing, you might have come across Programmatic advertising but didn’t understand the concept behind it and how it functions. This part will help enlighten you properly on the step by step procedure of Programmatic advertising.

1. When a digital viewer visits a website that has uses automated advertising, the website starts running bids on ushering an ad to the viewer.

2. The publisher site gives the viewer the space to know the features of the site and also allows them to make bids.

3. The supply-side platform receives information and analyses the necessary details.

4. The information gets to the Demand-side platform for review. The advertiser chooses an ad space that matches their budget plan and the metrics of their target.

5. The demand-side platform bids for the advertiser. The bidding happens in real-time; this is because the Programmatic advertising is known as real-time bidding (RTB).

6. After the bidding, the Supply-side platform receives the information from all demand-side platform, then from the information, the supply-side platform will pick a winner based on the bidding that took place. There are forms of bidding, such as; Client-side bidding, Waterfall bidding, and header bidding.

7. After the winner, is picked, in less than a second, the supply-side platform will display the ad to the user on that particular publisher site.

Why you should use programmatic advertising

The digital market has grown into a more competitive and interesting market. Making profits and excellent visibility in today’s digital markets has a lot tied to the pattern of work, system used, and approach. Programmatic advertising has a lot of benefits that will make digital marketing an interesting one. Here are some reasons why you need to use Programmatic advertising.

1. Wise budget plan.

In advertising a product, there are people who really need the product, and there are people who certainly do not need it. Advertising your products to people who certainly do not need it will only deform your budget. Programmatic advertising gives an advertiser the leverage to reach out directly to those who need a product and also at the right time. It helps to eliminate unwanted viewers who will not pick interest in your product.

2. Maximums visibility.

Programmatic advertising has access to digital properties on several screens. It is not restricted to web media platforms only, but in gaming applications as well. With this idea of multi channeling, you have the benefit of reaching out to a large audience. This doesn’t involve some stressful and tedious work to achieve, as it implies, it is programmatically designed.

3. Transparency

Before the emergence of programmatic advertising, brands use agencies and third parties to manage their funds on ads. Today, programmatic advertising has given brands full ability and transparency with regard to fees. Brands can now keep a record of how and what they have spent their money on.

Formats of programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising covers diverse areas, they are stated below;

1. Display format

The display format of programmatic advertising is the debut means of programmatic advertising. In the presence of constantly evolving and flexible technology, there has been a dynamic expansion in the sphere of programmatic advertising. Many marketers have adopted creative strategies that will help them reach out to viewers.

2. Video format

Using video format as a means of buying and selling digitally has become a key point for digital marketers to leverage. The video format uses two methods; the instream and outstream. According to statistics, in 2019, over 13.4 billion was spent on a programmatic video ad, which of over 76.5% of how digital videos are spent over time.

3. Social Format

This kind of format beckons on website content and social network content, it also blends with other Applications. Sometimes it could be in the form of sponsored content. Therefore, it is important to create a valid target for your ads.

4. Television

In recent times, many big companies like Google, Netflix, and Sky are creating and building facets that will support the shift to programmatic TV. Though a lot of focus has not been placed on it yet. Possibly, a lot of development needs to be done in that regard.


The programming advertising has broken the fetters of the former process that ideally takes days, weeks, and sometimes even months before occurrence. Currently, within milliseconds, the process of programmatic advertising has taken place.

The experience of this set up is just as fast in private marketplaces, where the visibility of publishers and advertisers is made real and the exchange of services is more transparent and convenient.

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