Solar energy known as energy from the sun is the most enormous in supply when it comes to energy resources. It can be gotten and used in numerous ways. As a matter of fact, the earth is filled with energy from the sun. As the sun drops its effect on earth, each particle known as photom that visits earth in the day contains energy that fuels earth.

Solar energy is simply but a great source that is tremendously in charge of almost all our weather system and resources. Much radiates visits earth every hour, thereby filling the earth with all its global needs which last over a year.

Albeit, a certain question is vital when it comes to Solar energy.

Where does this energy come from?

The sun, as one of the stars in a milky way, is a large and massive form of energy reaction. In the depth part of the sun, energy reacts greatly in large amounts, which radiates to the outer part of the sun and then from there, it hits the space with light and heat as the products of the reaction that took place.

Powers from the solar system can be converted by the use of solar thermal collectors and sometimes by the use of photovoltaic emission. Solar panels are installed as a medium that transmits the energy for use by humans on earth. The cost of it is reducing as many individuals are installing it almost every day.

The medium in which energy from the sun can be used is in diverse ways. Though, there are two major ways in which energy from the sun; Photovoltaics and solar thermal capture.

Solar Energy through Photovoltaic

The Photovoltaic Known as PV is the most regular way in which house owners and simple property owners benefits and take advantage of solar power. photovoltaic are commonly used in smaller-scale electricity installation. Solar energy is converted into usable energy through the use of solar panels that passes through the photovoltaic effect. The solar panels convert the energy from Direct energy to Alternating energy via the solar inverter. Human is free to use this energy for household appliances and can freely store the energy which can be used later on.

Solar Energy Solar Thermal Capture

The solar thermal capture is used by large scale ventures because it isn’t as practical in installation as the photovoltaic emission. It can be used in three diversified ways;

1. The low Temperature: This is the direct heating and cooling of air which serves as a means of controlling the weather in a specific environment. Some buildings are designed in a way that direct sun can penetrate the building in other to give heat when it’s cold, and then the opening is blocked for cooling.

2. Mid-temperature: This involves the heating of water passing through pipes by capturing energy from the rooftops through thermal collectors, transferring the heat to the water running through pipes, this medium doesn’t require the religious use of oil and gas power.

Advantages DisadvantagesAnd Benefits.

3: High Temperature: The high temperature uses a solar thermal plant that holds liquids inside a mirror that is directed to the sun. The fluid content is heated liquid turns water to steam, thereby transforming into a turbine that generates an electrical current in well-concentrated manner.


1. Renewability.

The solar energy or energy from the sun is amazing. Unlike other sources of energy that can be less in availability or short in supply within a particular period of time due to some factors, solar energy is always in supply as long as the sun shines. We have the ability to harness and control this phenomenon as it is truly renewable. Amazingly, the sun will keep shining even in a billion decades to come. Imagine that!

2. Slash in Electricity Bills.

Imagine paying less while using a lasting power that satisfies your electrical bills. Solar energy helps to reduce the stress of paying excessive electric bills. After installing a solar system or solar panels that gives current, the user is at liberty, because he won’t have to pay bills to anyone. Currently, some appliances can store solar energy that they can use for functionality; like, power banks, lamps and other items that are fondly used at home. Solar energy helps in savings.

3. Zero Maintenance.

The cost of commodities sometimes exceeds the actual price at which it was bought. Maintaining a solar panel cost little or nothing. Fact has it that solar panels last over 30 years, imagine enjoy the service of a vital phenomenon over 30 years without having to pay a dime for maintenance. People often say that time is always on the move, but 3 decades is a whole lot of time to really enjoy free service.

4. Job Creation.

Having the right skill doesn’t just help an individual, it helps the society and the economy as well. Solar energy gives individuals good skill leverage. Fixing of solar panels that give electrical current is the right skill to acquire. This helps in reducing joblessness and the rate of social vices.

Some other advantages include:

5. It can be installed anywhere and anytime.

6. Power from solar energy can power homes and also give charge to cars.

7. Safety is guaranteed.


1. Reliance on Whether.

Though solar energy gives current even in rainy or cloudy weather, the rate and amount of current differ. Solar energy drops as thermal energy reduce with the weather. Having a long cloudy day might not be so good.

2. It occupies space.

As the rate of electricity that a house needs increases, the need for more solar panels increases. Having a lot of solar panels may not be a problem, but the roof and space to house them is the problem.

3. Pollution.

Greenhouse gases are emitted in the transportation and installation of solar panels. Some materials used in the manufacturing of solar photovoltaic systems are hazardous and harmful to the environment.


The use of solar power has its economic benefit which affects the climatic and infrastructural sectors. Solar energy reduces the rate of climatic pollution, which helps a lot in the development and upgrade of a society. Increasing of Jobs for individuals, it increases the economic value of the society as those individuals will be able to pay taxes and lead a meaningful life.

The benefits of Solar energy is simply amazing as it involves making our day to day activities less stressful and affordable.

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