A solar car can be referred to as a land vehicle that derives its power from the sun. Solar convert sunlight into electricity through the use of photovoltaic cells(PVC) PVCs are the components in solar paneling that convert the solar energy to electricity. The electricity is used to power the electric motor which turns the wheels.

Ten Reason why Africans should invest in solar Car

Instead of using only the brakes to stop some of that energy coming from the motor can be stored in the batteries. Ai plays an important role in renewable energy. It helps to predict its performances to see if there is any problem in its equation African as a continent has a long duration of sunshine. It’s referred to as the subcontinent.

The eastern Sahara and north-eastern Africa have the highest sunshine records despite the duration of sunshine in Africa its solar power is still very low. The population in sub-Sahara desert estimate about 600million people that has no access to electricity is modern era and their means of transportation is almost entirely fuel, these problem has actually affected their businesses, means of transportation, and generally their day to day lives and this is one issue in Africa that needs to be solved in Nairobi, residents spends most of their income on transports.

The demand for electricity increases daily as Africans already rely on low carbon technologies like hydropower and thermal(Nigeria) get power from this source

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