Africa as a continent will definitely be a better place if almost all the homes in Africa adapt to the use of solar system. Solar energy being direct energy from the sun will be beneficial in all the homes in Africa if only the African community adapts to it.

Installing solar panels in the household is eminent with regard to purpose and value.

Comparing solar energy to other sources of energy, solar panels stand as a better choice over the rest of them. Solar energy is gotten from the sun and then transformed through the use of photovoltaic cells into electrical energy.

Reason Solar energy Should Be Used In Every Home In Africa

1. Safer Environment.

Solar energy is one of the most reliable ways to decrease the rate of carbon emissions. In Solar system, harmful substances that affect the environment negatively are not produced.

The installation of just one solar panel system is equal to diminishing over 170 tons of carbon dioxide within years, this phenomenon is compared to over 10 football fields engulfed with tall trees.

Interestingly, Solar energy collects energy from natural resources and doesn’t affect the environment negatively. It helps a lot to keep the environment safe from harm.

Hence, this factor makes solar panel an extremely great eco-friendly source of energy. Africa will save its surrounding from harm and danger that might affect the ozone layer and climatic condition.

2. Durability.

Unlike other forms of energy that are always on moving or spinning condition, Solar panels are situated in a fixed position, due to this, the chances of it being destroyed or damaged are very equal to zero.

Apparently, all solar panels are painstakingly tested and verified in order to guarantee they can survive all forms of disastrous climate conditions and high wind. Solar panels have proven to an estimable height to be rigid and highly resistant to great environmental disasters.

More so, the solar panels come with 25-30years warranty that is often a guarantee given by those who installs it originally which covers a large area of defects and the environmental disasters.

3. Income Generation

When a solar panel is installed in a particular house and generates power than the users are consuming, it is advisable and beneficial to sell that energy back at a premium value.

Those energies, that are not consumed by the user, they can be pushed back onto the grid and can be sold to power suppliers. Many companies demand the use of solar energy to carry out their day to day activities. In most conditions, owners can share the excessively generated solar power with entities in the neighborhood that involves people who barely have access to enough power, then coming to terms on how much the owner will get from them while they enjoy the solar energy. This can help in creating funds for most African homes.

4. Grid Security.

People who desire to become independent of the electrical grid that is ultimately self-sufficient with regard to the electricity, the use of solar panels stands in the gap for the best of all choices. Solar panels provide a reliable backup of electricity that protects it from electrical cut off.

It makes hooking up your photovoltaic cells with the batteries in other to maximize and increase the grid security.

The system is known as a hybrid system; this entails that it has components of both on grid and off grid systems. If there is a power outage in the user’s neighbourhood, it is possible that the building vulnerable to a kind of intrusions or accident. But if the solar panel system installed, then the backup power can certainly provide electricity from its storage centre. This will help in avoiding any form of such turbulence.

5. Communal Investment and Employment.

Africa as a very large country has been facing the problem of unemployment and poor investment rate. When allowing installation companies for assessing your home for solar panels, you would realize the demand it will cost in paying for such work. Therefore, it is necessary and intelligent if Africans considers hiring and investing in local solar panel installation industries. Investing in the local company would be equivalent to the creation of a large number of high paying jobs in the African communities.

6. Wide Life Management.

Africa as the clear epitome and home of Wide life, it is necessary to keep the Wide life safe and Alive. Solar energy is amazing in managing and controlling the wide life; the decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and global warming is really a very fascinating one.

Instead of using some energy that emits carbon which is harmful to the environment, it is safer for the environment and the Wide life set up.

Why Solar System Should Be Used In Every Home In Africa

7. The Use of Solar Energy Is Unlimited.

Unlike other sources of energy, Solar energy works all day. It doesn’t go out, as long as the sun keeps shining, the solar energy is always on. Also, even in cloudy weather, the solar energy stores enough energy to last for as long as required.

Solar energy is generated by daylight and not the sunlight, so whether on rainy or cloudy days, the solar panels works endlessly to produce energy. Solar panels consist of batteries, these batteries stand as storage units.

8. Improving Freelancing in Africa.

Africa has grown to a very valuable standard in aspect of freelancing. Freelancers like graphic designers, script writers, animators and others use electricity in other to deliver a very good job speedily. Solar energy will really help to keep these freelancers on track with regard to getting Jobs online and delivering those jobs when necessary.

9. Reduction in Electric Bills.

Power from most utility companies comes with bills that are settled annually, monthly or quarterly. Solar energy on the other hand is significantly low in maintenance cost and bills. If African homes have access to full stack use of Solar Energy, the use expenses of bills will be equal to zero.

10. Health.

Currently, the entire world is facing a lot of health challenges which some are airborne. Like the SARS, Ebola and the most current of them all, which is the Coronavirus. These pandemic diseases are very challenging and demanding. Most developed continents are struggling with diseases. Africa might not meet up with the excesses of these diseases.

Solar energy as a safe means of generating electricity will help Africa to prevent sicknesses that they might not be able to fight. The benefits of solar energy are crystal clear and enormous. It isn’t just about saving money on electric bills; it goes from saving money down to the health of the occupants of a geographical region.

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