The Assassination Of Chief Samuel Ladoke Akintola

The killing binge that welcomed the original of Nigerian pioneers on January fifteenth, 1966 was a pointer to the way that the Solidarity of Nigeria was laid on a flimsy establishment.

The strategy for Federalism Nigeria rehearsed then was that the districts are having a lot of independence contrasted with that of states made on July 27, 1967.

The Western Région separated from the North was the second biggest and the resistance to the NPC/NNDP drove alliance was exceptionally evident to the degree that the west was called wild-wild west.

The Head of the western area boss Samuel Ladoke Akintola was not saved when the revolt of January 15 1966 spread all around the four locales of the North, West, East, and Midwest.

There has been discussion of who really won the 1964 general decisions in the western locale between the Assembled moderate fantastic partnership UPGA or the Nigerian Public Union NNA.

Thusly as at the hour of the January 1966 overthrow that sends the original of Nigerian pioneers to their initial graves, Boss Samuel Ladoke Akintola was the Chief of the Western area.

The Area which at the hour of freedom was driven by the Activity Gathering pioneer, AG Boss Obafemi Awolowo, when the Late Awolowo chose to be in the resistance, Boss Akintola drove the locale however over the long haul they had a contention with the political head of the western district and its first Chief boss Obafemi Awolowo,.

What Boss Samuel Akintola did was to frame a union with Northern Individuals’ Congress, NPC with his Nigerian Public Leftist faction NNDP, that brought forth Nigerian Public Union, NNA.

The political race was won by NNA, accessible writing shows that the fighters that oust the primary republic are more thoughtful to the UPGA partnership, that is the reason they won’t extra Northern pioneers and some western chiefs.

For any tactical overthrow that occurred in Nigeria, those in charge of undertakings are especially mindful, yet they for the most part don’t have the foggiest idea when the upset will happen.

So when the head of the western locale boss Samuel Ladoke Akintola have a suspicion about the upset of January 1966, he flew and arrived in Kaduna and insinuated the Northern Chief Sir Ahamdu Bello about the looming disobedience.

He encouraged Sardaunan Sokoto and himself to organize and leave Nigeria, however the Northern Head declined, Sir Boss Akintola left and returned to the west.

Upon the arrival of the upset, the troopers went to the Chief’s home to powerfully capture him, Sir Akintola fought back and drew out a gun to fight back yet throughout the fight, he was killed and turn into the second and last head of the area.