Many people or less understand SEO (search engine optimization. This is an important tool in digital marketing, it’s really not a strange word but a mathematical algorithm that helps calculate and give a rank to a website and it depends on the quality of your site.

Take for instance you have a shop and there are other shop owners around you, the rule is your content inside must meet a particular target for ranking. The question is what can you do to satisfy this demand? what you must do is for you to have your own style and try not to offer the same way others are presenting. That’s how it is with SEO.

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your content needs to be unique and interesting to google. The only way you can meet with a high rank. Even when you have your style it still needs to be colorful and different. The bottom line is to know what to present.. Above all these qualities your site needs to be trustworthy, have site links to you this will determine your value make your site popular by getting people to visit and comment on it.

Your content should not only focus on ranking but also provide values optimizing your content for search engine not considering how what you offer will affect the researchers is not a good thing for your website.

Search engines in marketing can help you grow your business, understand your customers better, promote your site, e.t. c


PROMOTE WEBSITE : as long as you make sure your keyword is available for searchers your site will continue to grow what you need is to post content every day. “Content is king,” says bill gate in 1996. There are many things you can do to keep your content updated.

You can re-edit and post content you have posted before, add new pieces of information and good once too. What is important is to always publish. If your content can solve problems it will definitely pop up when people search for it, that is if Google can attest to it as the best answer to a particular keyword humans are looking ( SERP).

Nevertheless, it is also important I tell you about keyword so you don’t end up using the wrong keyword. The aptitude keyword depends more on the competition a lot of people tend to miss this part by looking for what people type instead of what they are searching fir. You don’t need to be too competitive this doesn’t mean you don’t have competitors. Your aim is to provide the necessary information and focus your ideals on search intent. This aspect is important because it helps you achieve higher rankings.

YOU DONT HAVE CONTROL OVER IT: don’t misinterpret this aspect, all am trying to make understand is you can only determine how your ranking should be by working hard. It cannot be manipulated, if your website meets the cities you will have a better chance.

IMPROVES YOUR USER EXPERIENCE: your visitors can also inform other people how good your site is. Human trust SEO especially when you are ranking in top 5 this experience can make customers visit your site regularly and also patronize you always.

MAKE YOUR PAGE EASY TO FIND: without SEO its difficult to search for businesses and basic information we need for human satisfaction. It doesn’t matter if its a small business or a large one. Even if it’s just you running your organization SEO in marketing can still help you.

CONCLUSION: when you feel you are successful enough, you should not stop optimizing your website. The algorithms are changing. SEO system can not remain stable or work with the same tactics for long it’s developing with different policies. Your success can only reduce how often you visit or the resource you dedicate to it

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