A vlog is a video content that contains or documents events, activities or a person’s life. It is the combination of two words; video and blog. Just as the name implies, a vlog is typically a blog that comes in video format. It records visual thoughts, idea, suggestions, opinion, area of interest and belief for publication purpose.

Vlogging which is ‘ Videoblogging’ is the daily activity of creating and sharing video content by a vlogger. featuring a vlogger. This idea might be tagged as a video journal or documentation that can be accessed by the public through internet media.

Vlogging is apparently showing zero signs of retardation. Vlogging has proven that the idea doesn't just cover the purpose

All over the world, about 45% of all humans that have access to the internet watch a vlog monthly. Due to this palatable fact, vlogging has become a very lucrative business. In today’s world, digital video publications plans are growing immensely at a faster pace than the regular television advertisement. Business owners and brand owners have found a better path in partnering with popular vloggers, and interestingly, this idea represents an attractive option for marketers willing to reach a young, wealthy and technologically clever audience.

Vlogging is apparently showing zero signs of retardation. Vlogging has proven that the idea doesn’t just cover the purpose of outstanding types of video content, but most vloggers offer tremendous advertising services to brands, and this helps to build a better name for brands, and also place them in a better position in the marketing world; breaking through things that impede advertisement. Marketers have come to realize that vloggers have charismatic attributes that can buy them reliable audiences and as well help them build huge funds. As a matter of fact, it is evident that Vlogging is climbing to the top every passing day, and this vlogging mission will keep giving birth to more awesome ideas that will survive time.

Viewing of digital videos is becoming a norm and is taking a large percentage of people’s time, and the interesting part is that mobile devices have become great boosters of this reality. Globally, over 75% of online video viewers are mobile users, either with Android or iOS.

The emergence and growth of Snapchat and Facebook Live can both be tagged as ideas birthed through the undying movement of Vlogging. It was possible to have a live snap chat and Facebook live was made possible because of the extraordinary evolution of smartphones, which inspired both the creation and consumption of digital video content. Snapchat, in its current phase, is a vital platform for micro-vlogging. Judging from the time before this stage, vloggers played an important role in the path that helped in stimulating and defining the initial desire and want for online video content.

History of Vlogging

In the 1980s, a New York artist named Nelson Sullivan was well known for recording videos around New York City and South Carolina, these videos were in the form of vlogs. Adam Kontras posted a video in the year 2000, this video was accompanied by a blog entry focused on informing his family and friends of his decision on moving to Los Angeles for business purpose, this became the first post on what we see as today’s video blog, it also became the longest-running video blog in history. In November 20000, Adrian Miles posted a video of how text can be changed on a still image, he used the term vog to refer to his video blog. Filmmaker and musician Luuk Bouwman started Tropism.org site in 2002 as a video diary of his travels after college, and it was one of the first sites to be called a vlog or video blog.

Notwithstanding the earlier accounts of Vlogging, the idea of Vlogging became well know and declared its pronouncement and popularity around 2004. Among other know Vlogs was Rocketboom, it was a daily news broadcast produced by Andrew Baron and it featured Amanda Congdon who was a part of other known hosts. The emergence of these early vlogs set an essential pace by giving audiences the need to follow content creators and brand influencers.

In the year 2005, vlogging stepped up and bigger with the launch of YouTube. YouTube as a platform that houses searchable videos that are readily available for anyone to view, upload and take advantage of, this helped the rapid growth of Vlogging. While the idea of YouTube’s significantly showed a fundamental step in the development and advancement of vlogging, vlog creation at the early point of YouTube was typically random and of very low quality with few edits.

Today, YouTube has paved way for vloggers, it has become a platform for vloggers, also in recently, social media sites have become competitors and this might trifle the idea of YouTube being a go-to platform for Vlogger. Recently, Facebook Video and Live have shown a great impact lately. In enhancing this growth, Facebook launched a program to attract notable brand influencers on YouTube and other media platforms. With the influence of Facebook reach, it attracted influencers who have found solace in using Facebook Video and Live specifically for vlogging. 

Some other platforms, like Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat, have also their own platforms that will aid video blogging with unique characteristics that makes them clearly different from YouTube. In the presence of the increasing competition, YouTube creates and innovates idea that offers creators with interesting features. YouTube launched Community; a social network platform that is an upgraded form of the usual platform, it has more sophisticated blogging features with the ability to post images, GIFs and more features that will keep followers glued to content.

Vlogging Camera

Mirrorless cameras are well known as the best when it comes to real vlogging. They are sophisticated, they have more palatable video features, they have the versatility of lenses that are interchangeable; this gives Vloggers the ability to change their focal length, and also have full control over creative aspects of capturing phenomenons like depth of field. Smartphones with good cameras are also reliable, they are handy, mobile -can be carried along at all time, and they also help in uploading and sharing of content to vlogs instantly.

 Below are some good cameras for Vlogging.

1. Sony A6400.

2. Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III

3. Panasonic Lumix GX800 / GX850

4. Panasonic Lumix GH5

5. Olympus PEN E-PL9

6. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III

7. Sony RX100 Mark VII

8. Canon EOS M6 Mark II

9. Huawei P30 Pro

10. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The camera and smartphones listed above are made of strong and reliable features that make every captured moment a memorable one.

Vlogging is now a norm and is growing rapidly with technology and the digital market system. This phenomenon will keep trending and expanding. Marketers and brand influencers are on a better side as Vlogging will always be a nice tool for reaching out to a large number of audiences.

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