When we talk about solar panels or solar energy, most people simply tag it to residential building and most times commercial purpose. People reduce the expenses on electric bills in their homes through the use of solar energy, and companies use it to cut some commercial expenses. Recently, universities have taken measures that will power the school with solar panels; this measure should really be looked into for augmentation.

Solar panels will be the most effective medium to power universities as it has so many benefits and lessons to learn from. It will be a wise decision if Universities and other schools take their time to study the benefits of Solar Panels in the higher institution.

The beneficial reasons why Solar Panels should be used in the University is enormous and they are all vital. Few of the reasons are as below:

1. Flat roof, no hassle!

Residential buildings are often designed with a pointed tip which stands in a pitch format, which makes it hard for solar panels to lie on. Unlike residential houses, most universities and schools have flat roofs. Flat roofs are ideal when it comes to the installation of Solar Panels.

Also, regarding materials that might stand as an impediment to the function of the solar panel, the University roofs are often spacious and free from materials that will stand as a barrier. This serves as a plus for the University to have a good supply of current.

2. Reliable Power Supply.

Imagine students studying in the library, boom! Light goes off. Imagine carrying out a test in the lab and the light goes off. The stress of using a supply that is not trusted to last, the noise of generators in a learning environment; these things are really stressful and tedious. Solar panel systems offer a dependable and reliable service because its source is always ready to give out, simply unlimited. The sweet part is that it works in both cloudy and rainy days.

3. Solar Panel system boosts enrollment.

Each year, students enrol into different Universality and institutions to study their desired courses. This activity of enrollment is continuous as other students, on the other hand, are graduating every year. The most interesting part about this is that students are attracted to so many things before applying to study in a University, such as; serene environment, location, urbanization, tourism and what have you.

Solar system is an attractive phenomenon that attracts students and even teachers. Students are always happy being a part of a serene and creative environment. Solar power in this way boosts the intake of students into the University each year. By so doing, the school increases in innovations and revenue.

For most students in this modern era, mostly in urban environments, the idea of going to a school or university that is termed as a lasting and socio-conscious can be a distinguishing factor. A lot of students search for schools that will be the right environment to learn sustainable features and green policy, which makes solar-powered universities a very realistic and reliable option.

4. Cuts operating cost.

Electric bills and other charges that concern electric energy is always on the increasing side. Let’s say a university has 60 building that needs to be wired with electricity, installed with appliances, and those appliances need an electric current to function well, this will be a real problem to the revenue of the University. Solar panels will only cost once for installation, no hidden charges, no cost of maintenance as they last for a very long time.

Why Solar Panel Should Be Introduced In schools, Institutions And University For Better Efficiency.

Solar energy will help Universities to save money and use them where they are most needed, while Solar Panel saves them the stress of paying electric bills. Renowned corporations such as; Apple, Facebook, and even Google understood the financial benefits of solar powers and have launched large solar farms to power their data centres over the past few years. When you look into this economic benefit with the understanding that educational set ups are always on the look out to find ways that are effective in operational cost reduction, you’ll realize that Solar Panels can significantly contribute and savage the monetary savings for a university or school.

5. Modification and invention.

In order to invest solar panels, individuals need to see solar panels more often. Universities being a very busy public place, institutions that install solar panels do the essential service of pushing the solar industry forward and rapidly by providing greater visible exposure for solar arrays. This is definitely true for Institutions that install large, campus-powering solar systems.5

Until people have the opportunity to see solar panels at very often, they wouldn’t understand its concept and the idea behind it. The great news is that students, faculty, and those who visit the campus have the opportunity to learn and study how the arrays work. This helps to create familiarity between the people and the panels and, maybe, motivate them to invest in solar energy irrespective of their quest in life.

6. Research and Project.

Most times, students are faced with the stress of choosing a project topic or area to do research. Having Solar panels littered all around the campus can serve as a propeller for the students to take a research on thermal energy that might lead to further discoveries. As simple as those panels might, we can’t tell what might come out of it in the near future.

8. Grants.

When most houses install solar panels, they have access to grants that covers the cost. Interestingly, the same is applicable for schools and universities. Contemporarily, there are diverse programs by the federal government available to schools that want to install solar arrays in their facilities.

Today, schools and universities have a lot to benefit when it comes to the installation of solar panels. Ranging from reducing electric bills and cutting costs associated with powering the school’s facilities electrically, solar panels are very eco-friendly and they can also have effects on social and cultural aspects of life. It will definitely add up if institutions look into it.

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